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Performance Center

Frederik Rasmussen



Telefon: 28 904 904

I have been working on full-time physical training since 2004. I have many training-related edducations behind me, the biggest part taken abroad. It may be worth saying that I am the first Dane who has been on internship with the athlete coach Mike Boyle, in Boston, USA. I have trained some of Denmark’s and the world’s best badminton players in collaboration with Peter Gade, professional and national team players in golf and several of the world’s best junior tennis players in close collaboration with former pro tennis player Kenneth Carlsen. I am on the side physiotherapist and, through my knowledge, are pre / Post rehab training and rehabilitation also a part of my daily work with athletes training. 

Rehabilitation courses I have attended:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Sportsphysiotherapy 
  • Move to peak – Rehabilitering og undersøgelse af Columna og bækken
  • Move to peak – Rehabilitering og undersøgelse af fod, knæ, hofte
  • Move to peak – skulder
  • Correction academe – Courses of manipulation (all levels taken / all bodyparts)
  • Mike Reinold : Knee evaluation & Treatment 
  • Selecive Functional Movement assessment (SFMA level 1)
  • Selective Functional Movement assessment(SFMA level 2)
  • Rehab training / training rehab – Dr.Charlie Waingroff (bevægelses/ rehabelitering)
  • Masterclass instruktor John Gibbons (osteopathic couses taking in oxford – 10 courses with different bodyparts manipulation/mobilisation/rehab techniques)
  • NKT (neurokinetic therapy)
Physical training courses i have attended:
  • Internship/Mentorship. at Mike Boyle (strength coach) Boston USA
  • Lee taft – Certified speed and agility coach
  • Functional movement screen (FMS level 1 og 2) screenings system af klienter
  • Div Paul CHEK kurser/CHEK level 1, CHEK golf
  • Eliko strength coach level 1 og 2
  • Titleist TPI golf level 1 og 2 (træning af golfspillere)
  • Charles Poliquin Picp level 1 upper body balance og Picp level 2 Lower body balance
  • The golf athlete level 1 og 2 (træning af golf spillere ) &“long term development” level 1
  • Jason Glass / rotational force (fysisk træning af rotations atleter)
  • Karsten Jensen / Flexible periodization method
  • Eric Cressy “Bulding the efficient athlete”