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Performance center's staff

Kim Snowman Møller

about us

The philosophy behind our training concept is basically based on getting our athletes to move better. It serves two purposes; reduction of injury risk and performance enhancement.

Top athletes like professional badminton players can of course perform at high levels within their sports, but at the same time lack the ability to perform basic movements of a reasonable quality. This will eventually lead to injuries that can prevent the individual athlete from developing further or completely halting his career.

We are based on the performance pyramid, where the basic pill is good quality in basic movement patterns. Starting from a stable foundation, we build a layer of strength and fitness and at the top of the pyramid, attention is focused on sports-specific skills. Often we see examples of the reverse performance pyramid, investing a lot of time in sports-specific abilities and very little in exercises that can restore or maintain the body’s basic movement patterns. We would like to change that.

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Performance Center is cooperating with Peter gade academy

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